Thursday, 31 January 2013

1st Year

We've been learning a song about a hamster because the story we're working on this term is about this pet. This weekend we should practise the song at home. In class we've sung it many times and we've read the lyrics, but we will really appreciate it if you listen to us and help us with this important activity. Enjoy the choreography too!

Estem aprenent una cançó sobre un hàmster perquè la història que treballem aquest trimestre és sobre aquest animal. Aquest cap de setmana hauríem de practicar a casa. A classe l'hem cantat moltes vegades i n'hem llegit la lletra, però ens aniria molt bé que ens escoltessiu i ens ajudessiu amb aquesta activitat tan important. Gaudiu de la coreografia també!

Friday, 25 January 2013

5th Year

Next week we are going to have a test on Unit 3 of our books.

This is what we think is going to appear in the test:

-Landscape features: these can be natural or artificial. (Island / Dam)
-Comparatives (-er / more) (Uglier / More beautiful)
-Present continuous (Lava is coming down the side of the volcano.)

Good luck!!

Monday, 14 January 2013

2nd Year

Hello everybody!

We have been working hard since the beginning of the second school term, so it is high time we did our second test.

The exam will be on Thursday, January 24 (Year 2A), or Friday, January 25 (Year 2B), and this is what we need to revise for it:

1- Vocabulary: The seasons of the year. The parts of a tree. Some items of clothing. Some objects made from wood.

2- Grammar: "I've got..."

3- Phonics: /e/ /o/ /u/

All of us will get a great mark because we know everything very well!

Talk to you soon!

3rd Year

Hi everybody!

Our second exam is scheduled on Monday, January 21, and this is what it will include:

1- Vocabulary: Sense verbs (see, hear, smell...). The five organs of perception (eyes, ears, nose...). Adjectives of quality (soft, hard, wet...).

2- Grammar: Can/can't. Description of objects (e.g. "Ice cream is soft and cold").

3- Phonics: /ch/ /c/

Get to work, and good luck!

See you around!