Friday, 5 December 2014

All Years

More exciting news!!

Our friends from Greysbrooke School in Shenstone have answered our letter and they have told us their news of this term. Do you want to read it? Here you are the full document. Enjoy!!

Letter to Sant Bonaventura by evapereramaneiro

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Year 6

Dear friends of Greysbrooke school, here you are our Christmas wishes for you!

These are the Christmas cards we posted to our English friends. We hope they like them!

Year 6

This year our friends from Greysbrooke School in Shenstone, England, are not studying Spanish, but we will keep our cultural link going so that we can learn about each other's countries, traditions, and what is going on in our schools.

So here is the news we sent them about us just a few days ago:

Greysbrooke School Nov 2014

Year 5

We got the letters! We are so excited!!

We read ours, we read our classmates' too, we love reading letters! Look at us!

Thank you penpals from Cheddar Grove School! We look forward to writing to you again very soon.

Monday, 24 November 2014

All years - conversation assistant

Hello! My name is Tammy, and I am the new language assistant at the school! I work with all of the classes from 1st of primary to 4th of ESO and everybody has made me feel very welcome.The school is a lot bigger than the schools I have worked at in England, as primary and secondary (ESO) schools are usually seperate. I am really enjoying working with different classes on different topics; playing games, doing actvities and working with small groups and whole classes.

In 5th of primary we have made a link with a primary school in Bristol, England. Each student has a ´pen pal´ and we are going to email them regularly to tell them about what we are learning and our culture. We are going to help them learn Spanish and it will help improve our English a lot!
We have drafted our first email which is about ourselves; what we look like, what we like/dislike and where we live.

Here is a link to their school website for you to have a look at our new friends!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

All Years

Hello everybody!

We are enjoying these last days of the school year so much! We are just preparing the end-of-year festival and getting ready for summer.

The festival will be the best way to say goodbye to our school and our friends. Then, it will be time to reflect on our work and effort, and see whether the outcome has been positive or negative.

During the summer break, we should not miss a single chance to get in touch with the English language. We can do a holiday exercise book or some useful on-line activities (see the links on the right of this page), watch our favourite cartoon or series in English, go on a summer camp in which this language is the only means of communication, or even travel to an English-speaking country. Anything will be very helpful.

See you around!

Hola a tothom!

Estem gaudint tant dels darrers dies del trimestre! Ja estem preparant el festival de final de curs i preparant-nos per a l'estiu.

El festival serà la millor manera de dir adéu a l’escola i als nostres amics. Després, serà moment de reflexionar sobre la feina i l'esforç fets, i veure si els resultats han estat positius o no.

Durant el descans estival, no hauríem de perdre cap oportunitat d’establir contacte amb la llengua anglesa. Podem fer un quadern de vacances o activitats “on-line” útils (veieu-ne els enllaços a la dreta d'aquesta pàgina), veure la nostra sèrie o els nostres dibuixos animats preferits en anglès, anar a un casal d’estiu en què aquesta llengua sigui l’únic mitjà de comunicació, o fins i tot viatjar a un país de parla anglesa. Qualsevol cosa serà de gran ajuda.

Ens veiem!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

4th Year

Hi everybody!

Next Tuesday, June 3, the day before going on our English school camp..., we'll have our final test, and this is what it will include:

1- Vocabulary: Animal groups and their main features. The planets. Activities related to space travel.

2- Grammar: Comparative and superlative adjectives. The contracted forms of the verb to be in the present tense (I'm, you're, he's...). The "going to" future. The simple present tense (affirmative and negative sentences + questions and short answers).

Remember that the Multi-ROM is very useful to revise for the tests.

See you!

Hola a tothom!

El proper dimarts 3 de juny, just el dia abans de marxar de colònies..., farem el nostre examen final, i això és el que inclourà:

1- Vocabulari: Grups d'animals i els seus trets principals. Els planetes. Activitats relacionades amb els viatges espacials.

2- Gramàtica: Adjectius comparatius i superlatius. Les formes contractes del verb "to be" en present ("I'm", "you're", "he's"...). El futur "going to". El temps verbal "simple present" (frases afirmatives i negatives + preguntes i respostes curtes).

Recordem que el Multi-ROM és molt útil per repassar per als controls.

Ens veiem!