Monday, 24 November 2014

All years - conversation assistant

Hello! My name is Tammy, and I am the new language assistant at the school! I work with all of the classes from 1st of primary to 4th of ESO and everybody has made me feel very welcome.The school is a lot bigger than the schools I have worked at in England, as primary and secondary (ESO) schools are usually seperate. I am really enjoying working with different classes on different topics; playing games, doing actvities and working with small groups and whole classes.

In 5th of primary we have made a link with a primary school in Bristol, England. Each student has a ´pen pal´ and we are going to email them regularly to tell them about what we are learning and our culture. We are going to help them learn Spanish and it will help improve our English a lot!
We have drafted our first email which is about ourselves; what we look like, what we like/dislike and where we live.

Here is a link to their school website for you to have a look at our new friends!

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